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Establishing of Horn of Africa Aid and Rehabilitation Action Network (HAARAN) was conceptualized by Abdi Noor Matan in United States of America (USA). 

Being a native of Horn of Africa with disability, Abdi knew too well the perils of marginalization that disable and marginalized populations go through. They suffer the tragedy of double-marginalization: living in a punishing, forgotten terrain and have to strive for the same openings with able-bodied persons. In cultural context of people form Horn of Africa, disability is regarded as a curse and a problem to the society. This has always aggravated their stereotyping, profiling and stigmatization.  

In the year 2008 Abdi formed HAARAN to be a vital platform through which he mobilizes communities and partners to address various issues facing the vulnerable immigrants from East Africa communities particularly the aged and disable. 

The motivation of HAARAN formation was thus to help create a voice and space to Persons with Disability (PWDs) and other marginalized populations to fully participate and live meaningful lives. 

In the year 2013, HAARAN got nominated to participate in the development of African tool kit for persons with disability by UNDESA. 

In 2014 HAARAN launched her presence in Kenya and Somalia respectively as a native organization.  Since then, HAARAN is growing leaps and bounds. It has moved into programs   that aims to find the most cost-effective provision of inclusive service at grass-root level and up to the family level. 

HAARAN has transformed itself from purely providing advocacy in its early stages to a viable development and humanitarian organization that brings on board participatory development methodologies which empower communities including the DISABALE and the AGED to set their own development agenda by setting achievable community action plans and seeing them through the implementation and sustainability phase.